What nobody tells you when you go paperless

Posted in Business and entrepreneurship.

A paperless office might seem completely unachievable. And while many small and medium-sized businesses often pride themselves in being a whole lot more paper-efficient than large corporations, there might yet be even more room for improvement. But what are the true advantages of going paperless?

Efficient filing systems

Well, obviously, a paperless policy will save you from buying paper in the first instance. That’s a given, but you will also benefit from a more efficient filing system. By going paperless, full-out or partly so, will no doubt enhance the general efficiency amongst office staff. No more rummaging through hordes of files looking for that elusive paper copy that someone decided to file under Z.

Collaboration made easy

With paper folders and filing cabinets cleared out of the office, your actual office space opens itself up to become a more productive and inviting work environment. Collaboration between different departments and teams within your business will benefit from having online folders and shared drives, making joint projects that much more convenient and accessible.

Organising working expenses

With a paperless approach, all the little bits of random notes and receipts can be scanned and uploaded to the correct folders, ready to be sent to your accounts division. Paperless form submission becomes hassle-free and benefits your sales reps directly by quite literally cutting out the paper. It also saves them precious time by reducing the amount of copying and filing that forms part of the chores of a paper-based office.

Faster feedback for customers

When it comes to your customers, they too will benefit from your new paperless approach. In the first instance, finding customer details automatically is a quick and efficient process. Having all their details up in an instant on your mobile device or office PC will allow your sales team to respond to enquiries and order-related queries in a helpful and quick manner.

Reduced environmental impact

A paperless office also shows your customers that your brand cares about the environment and its impact on sustainable resources. Additionally, reducing your paper usage has a cost saving impact as less paper also means less stationary is used in general. Your business will no doubt reduce operational fees in various areas including the cost of buying new, and recycling old, ink cartridges, maintaining printers as well as costs of confidential shredding and recycling services.