Track your sales performance with Onsight

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Keeping track of your business’ sales performance is easy with the Onsight mobile sales app. You needn’t be an analytics whizz or have years of experience. Discover the benefits of analytics with Onsight’s useful sales performance reports.

Here is a brief overview with clickable links to detailed step-by-step instructions on how to access the various sales performance reports.

Seeing the bigger picture

Be prepared like a pro by quickly analysing your sales performance reports before stepping into your next meeting. You can select a specific time period and narrow down sales performance to view what’s happening today, this week, last week or even last year. Comparing time periods will help you identify key sales trends quickly and efficiently.

All the Onsight sales performance reports can be viewed as easy-to-interpret graphs or as detailed transactions that can be downloaded to a spreadsheet. There is a selection of useful reports to choose from:

Sales Value Report

The Sales Value report presents you with the value of your orders and quotes for a specific timeframe.

Sales Activity Report

The Sales Activity report is similar to the Sales Value Report, except that this report shows you how many orders or quotes were generated by your sales reps. This tells you about their sales productivity.

Average Sales Value Report

The Average Sales Value report will present you with a graph of the average value of orders and quotes for a selected time period, be it this year or this month.

Keep an eye on your products

You can generate sales performance reports on products. This allows you to see which product lines are selling better than others. You can also track sales performance over time to see which lines are starting to perform poorly. There are two handy product sales performance reports to choose from:

Product Sales Report

The Product Sales report shows you the sales value and sales quantities for a specific product over your chosen time period. You can drill down into the report to see which customers have ordered that product. You can also drill down into the report to see which sales reps have sold that product.

Product Category Sales Report

The Product Category Sales report shows you the sales performance for a specific product category.

Monitor your sales reps performance

With Sales Rep Performance reports you can keep on top of your entire sales team’s performance by zooming in on individual sales reps. It’s an easy way to reward your top performers but also an essential tool to identify who in the sales team needs help or encouragement.

Sales Rep Performance Report

This tool allows you to analyse and track each of your employee’s sales performance to date. Learn how to access and use it here.

Keep an eye on your customers

Additionally, you can now analyse your customers’ sales behaviour by generating useful sales performance reports based on your customers’ sales history.

Customer Sales Report

The Customer Sales report shows you the order and quote value for a specific customer over your chosen time period. You can even drill down into the report to see which products have been ordered by that customer.