Personalise your digital catalogue for sales success

Posted in Electronic product catalogues.

Many businesses are shunning paper for digital catalogues. With digital catalogues, your small business not only reduces its carbon footprint but also its costs. The great thing about electronic product catalogues are that you can personalise it to suit your small business to a tee. Here’s how:

1. Bring products to life

Each business has something that sets them apart from the competition. Your digital catalogue can help you establish your brand as a real contender. No matter what you sell, make sure your digital catalogue has real visual appeal. Make sure the images you select to show off your products do just that. Stay away from shabby catalogue visuals and avoid blurry, ill-placed and shadowy images. According to industry experts, 63% of customers said good images are more important than product descriptions, so choose a digital catalogue that brings your products to life with high-definition images.

2. Standout features at the top

Knowing that good quality images are vital, further ensure your catalogue details the unique features that your products offer. Highlight your products’ unique selling points by placing it front and centre in the layout, preferably at the top of product descriptions. Researchers in digital marketing have found that customers skim read product detail pages and when faced with lengthy descriptions only read the top three lines. Therefore, ensure your product’s standout features are at the top of the list.

3. Double up as an ordering tool

A cleverly designed and personalised digital catalogue that can show off your products and their unique selling points is only the beginning. Many digital catalogues have a dual function as an ordering tool. You can turn your digital catalogue into a true profit generating tool. Onsight’s electronic product catalogue is just one of many sales apps out there that cleverly enables the digital catalogue to double up as an ordering tool, turning browsers into buyers.

4. Mobile-friendly a must

Once you’ve set up your personalised digital catalogue ensure that it works across multiple platforms, from Android tablets, to iPads, and Windows devices. There really is no point in having a digital catalogue that is limited to a certain operating system. You want to be able to reach as many people as possible with your digital catalogue and certainly don’t want to worry about whether or not it’s viewable on different devices across the world. Additionally, you can email potential customers a PDF version of your digital catalogue with a personalised message attached.

Did you know? The Onsight mobile sales app has a cross-platform digital catalogue that you can personalise to suit your unique business needs. You can sign up now for free.