Essential tips for how to present your product catalogue

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When it comes to displaying your product range, you’ll probably be using one of three methods: an interactive digital catalogue feature in your mobile sales app, a PDF catalogue that’s simple to send, or you might be sticking to tradition by taking a classic print approach. Whatever option you prefer, there is one very important factor: making sure that your catalogue your products in the most appealing way.

So when it comes to catalogues, which tips and techniques work, and which are best left behind?

Here are tips for creating a compelling catalogue through your preferred medium

Combine images & text for increased engagement

Studies on eye-tracking consistently show that combining text with product images increases engagement. Instead of just displaying images, adding relevant keywords and phrases grabs the viewer’s attention and keeps them interested for longer. This not only attracts potential customers but also enhances information processing, leading to better retention. When creating your catalogue, aim to seamlessly integrate informative text with captivating visuals to build a compelling and informative story for each product.

Place your info strategically: Top left & bottom

The design of your catalogue is crucial for directing the viewer’s focus. Studies from The Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing (IDM) highlight two key areas on each page: the top left as the starting point and the bottom right as the endpoint. Using this information strategically places your key products or promotions where they’re likely to grab immediate attention. Organising your product layout based on these hotspots ensures a natural flow in your catalogue, maximising visibility and engagement right from the beginning.

Use consistent branding for recognition and trust

Establishing and maintaining a strong brand identity is crucial in product catalogues. Consistency in visual elements, from colour schemes to typography, reinforces brand recognition and fosters trust among your audience. Ensure that each page aligns seamlessly with your brand’s established visual language. Incorporate elements such as logos, taglines, and brand colours strategically to create a cohesive and memorable experience. A consistent brand presence not only enhances the overall aesthetic appeal but also aids customers in easily identifying and connecting with your products across various platforms.

Give priority to the user experience

For those utilising digital platforms, giving priority to user experience is crucial. Integrate features like zoomable images, interactive elements, and user-friendly navigation to ensure a pleasant experience for users. Utilise high-quality images that showcase products from different angles, allowing customers to virtually inspect details and feel confident in their purchase decisions.

Explore the inclusion of multimedia elements, such as product videos or 360-degree views, to offer an immersive and engaging experience. Improving the usability of the digital catalogue, you not only effectively showcase your products but also have the benefit of your electronic catalogue enhancing the overall shopping experience for your audience.

Emphasise clarity and simplicity in design

During the creative process, it’s vital to emphasise clarity and simplicity in your catalogue layout. A design free of clutter guarantees each product has enough space to be effectively showcased. As previously touched on; incorporate high-resolution images that not only attract attention but also emphasise the intricate details of your products. Pair these visuals with concise yet compelling product descriptions, enabling customers to swiftly understand the key features. 

Moreover, by organising products into logical categories or collections simplifies the browsing process, adding to a smooth and enjoyable experience for your audience. Achieving the right balance between aesthetics and simplicity enhances understanding and encourages more engagement for longer. 

Keep it up-to-date

There are many factors which can affect customer loyalty, and one of those factors is how much trust a customer is able to place in the business they work with. Old, outdated, or unavailable products should never be featured in a sales catalogue, as this can massively increase distrust and result in a business-to-business disconnect.

Your catalogue should always be relevant, which is why many sales-based organisations are looking into digital catalogue options which sync changes instantly. So no matter what catalogue format you’re using — classic print or a modern digital version through your sales app — make sure that your catalogue is doing its job, and showing off your products in a way that facilitates a sale. Sticking to these golden rules of catalogue design can really make a big difference.


In summary, blending engaging visuals with informative text, strategically positioning products, upholding consistent branding, improving the digital user experience, and emphasising clarity and simplicity can help create a catalogue that not only presents your product range attractively but also effectively connects with your target audience. This approach ultimately boosts engagement and has the potential to drive sales. 


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