Why scalability is key for small businesses

Posted in Business and entrepreneurship.

A small business might never aspire to become a larger corporation… and that’s okay! But a small business without any development goals is one that is destined to become stagnant. Many small businesses are frequently looking into growth and development in one way or another. If it’s not increasing headcount, then it could be introducing new products, enhancing existing products, or evolving the B2B relationship. There is always a goal, which means businesses are constantly adapting to achieve their aims. While adaptation is certainly good in the sense of growth and development, it can create obstacles when it comes to business processes and organisational standards. What works for the business now may not prove to be quite as valuable in the future. That’s exactly why scalability — the ability for a business to scale up (or even to scale down) as needed — is key for all small businesses looking to develop further.

Scalable Business Solutions

While there are many ways that a small business can focus on scalability — through creating a scalable business model focusing on investor engagement, for example — one of the most effective ways is to look into scalable business solutions; solutions that will grow with your business and be able to meet precise business needs at a precise time. One type of scalable solution is SaaS business software.

SaaS — or software-as-a-service — business software is a scalable business solution. This type of business software means that the business doesn’t ‘own’ the software; they don’t pay for the software outright. Instead, they ‘rent’ the software from the provider, usually on a monthly or annual basis. SaaS business software will often include a variety of pricing models, each with different features included. For example, a provider may offer their business software at a ‘starter’ level with basic features, at a ‘business’ level with advanced features, and at an ‘enterprise’ level with features that combine to create a fully comprehensive service. Businesses are able to move up — or move down — the tiers, as their needs and requirements change throughout the growth and development journey.

Advantages of Scalable Solutions

Scalable solutions such as SaaS business software bring many advantages to small business. Perhaps most notable is the benefit and peace of mind of knowing that your business is prepared to handle changes in demand throughout periods of high growth and development, and through periods of lesser demand for these solutions. Less obvious are the cost saving benefits that many businesses can see. Scalable solutions often mean that a business is only paying for what they need; no more, no less. For small businesses with limited budgets, this can open up doors and allow them to take new opportunities.

Many small businesses today are limiting the scope of their potential growth and development by choosing static business solutions, which are incapable of adapting and evolving in line with changing business needs. Scalability is key, ensuring your business has the support it needs when it needs it.