The top two reasons to use a mobile sales app

Posted in Apps and mobile devices.

When it comes to using a mobile sales app different salespeople use it for different reasons. Some might use it as an ordering app only, while others use it as a marketing toolkit. Here are two top reasons why some businesses choose to use a mobile sales app:

1.  Instant order taking wherever you are

Order taking is definitely more streamlined and practical with a mobile sales app as sales reps can now instantly place orders while standing right next to their customers. The orders get sent straight through to head office and an order confirmation email is sent simultaneously to the customer’s inbox, which can be downloaded as a PDF. For convenience’s sake, out-of-office sales reps are able to instantly view stock availability while taking orders as well as view customers’ credit standings, which means no more phoning up head office before an order can go ahead.

One of Onsight’s subscribers, Anna Chandler Design, is a homeware textiles company that produces timeless homeware pieces including colourful ceramics and textiles. Their head office accountant, Jacqueline Smith, sums up their experience of using a sales app, “Our agents have complete information regarding the customer, inventory quantity, and up to date prices. Placing an order is just fun – it’s just a matter of tapping a screen.”

Customers are certainly impressed with their use of a mobile sales app and it has given them more control over orders. Jacqueline Smith adds, “We believe having a professional order system has increased sales, not to mention efficiency. Anna [Chandler] advises that she sometimes hands the iPad to clients who like to control their own orders – it’s very helpful for them to review the screen on completion and perhaps make last minute changes.”

2.  A cost-effective, easy to maintain electronic product catalogue to showcase products

A mobile sales app with an electronic product catalogue will no doubt add to your business’ professional look and show off your products in a sleek and modern way. A visually appealing electronic product catalogue is a cost-effective solution that is easy to update and maintain. What’s more, there is no limit to the number of products you can upload to your electronic catalogue. It will save your field sales reps from having to lug around bulky paper catalogues from customer to customer.

The team at Anna Chandler Design, who stock more than 800 stores across Australia, also uses the Onsight app’s built-in electronic catalogue. Jacqueline Smith explains that they also use their mobile sales app as a paperless catalogue which is far superior to traditional paper ones. She adds, “Back lit photographs [used in their e-catalogue] are better than anything we could ever print.”

Switching to an electronic product catalogue will save you money by significantly reducing the use of paper in the office and on the road. What’s more, once you’ve uploaded your catalogue it can be accessed any time whether you are online or offline, and the entire product catalogue can be emailed as an attachment to your customers.