Useful cloud services that help reduce costs

Posted in Apps and mobile devices.

There are many cloud service providers ready to help your business with all its cloud computing needs. Let’s have a look at who can do what for you:

Cloud storage services

There are a myriad of cloud storage providers out there all ready and able to take care of your data needs. Dropbox is probably the most well-known and widely used cloud storage provider. They can handle anything from small individual needs to large companies. They offer different price plans depending on each user or business’ individual needs.
Microsoft OneDrive is preinstalled on Windows 10 and available on any Android or iOS device. They offer OneDrive for Business which enables your team to gain access from anywhere no matter where they are, or on which device. Working together remotely is no problem with instant sharing of files and it comes with added security to protect work data from external threats.
Google Drive is another cloud service that provides file storage, backup and allows collaboration and file sharing. You can also switch between business and private accounts.

Sales and accounting apps

The Onsight apps are provided as a cloud service that hosts all data on our own servers, eliminating the need for you to install or host anything on your own servers. The mobile sales app offers true mobility for sales reps eager to take orders on the road.
Time-saving cloud accounting apps such as Xero and QuickBooks are similar to Onsight in that they host your data for you on their own cloud servers. This means that your business significantly reduces the costs of hosting as well as the need for upgrading software. Invoices and payroll data is all instantly accessible.

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