What to look for in a mobile app for B2B sales reps

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Following the notable shift of sales to a ‘mobile career’, new technologies in this area have focused on improving flexibility, communications, and connectivity for B2B sales reps. Mobile sales apps, which enable reps to do their job successfully from pretty much anywhere, and at any time, are widely available – but how do you know which mobile app is right for you, your products, your business, and your sales reps?

Is the app provider an important consideration? Of course. Ideally you’ll want to be partnering with a reputable provider with a good track record of delivering high quality software. Is price important? Absolutely. It’s essential to have a sales app that fits your budget. However, while it’s necessary to think about these factors, there’s something else that you can’t afford to overlook: sales app features.

Features of a Great App For B2B Sales Reps

While each and every B2B sales app will be different, with a different user interface, different user experience, and a wide selection of various functions, the best sales apps on the market will generally all have a few features in common. These are considered to be base features which facilitate the sales process, and accelerate this ongoing trend for sales reps to be in the field, rather than in the office.

Here are the features to look out for when considering a mobile sales app:

Mobile Product Catalogue

One of the most important features is a mobile product catalogue, which means you’re able to offer your clients an in-depth insight into the product without having to cart around samples. You’ll want to ensure that the mobile catalogue has the capacity to hold your entire range (unlimited is best); that updates to descriptions/quantities are synced instantly, and that you can show images to clients on-the-spot. And while it’s not vital, a touch interface always helps to give off the wow factor!

Quote & Order Generation

What good is a mobile sales app if you’re unable to provide an instant quote to your customer, right there and then during this particular ‘micro moment’ – or if you’re unable to send orders instantly back to the office? A good sales rep app will offer continuous functioning even when offline. You should be able to create quotes and orders whenever and wherever. Ideally, your app will also boast good storage capacity, holding vital data of all your past orders and customer history. This will make re-ordering a quick and simple process and ensure a streamlined client experience.

Accounts & Contacts Lists

The ultimate aim of a good sales app is to provide a complete and comprehensive platform. Therefore, if an app fails to include an accounts and contacts list, forcing you to switch between two separate applications, it’s not fully doing what it’s intended to do. A good sales rep app will provide you with an all-in-one solution, allowing you to manage your account information through a shared database, update and edit contacts as necessary, and sync data easily across all your devices.

When considering a mobile sales app, it’s important to take a little time checking out the options. Identify the applications that will really help to transform your approach to sales, and propel your business to the next level. A simple-to-use, feature-rich mobile app for B2B sales reps can have a huge positive effect on your sales processes, customer experience, and profits, but only if the app is a good fit for your business.


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