Five benefits of having a mobile-enabled sales team

Posted in Apps and mobile devices, Enterprise mobility.

Mobile devices and mobile-enabled sales is the future; there is little doubt about that. If you are still unsure about the benefits that using a mobile sales app or electronic product catalogue can provide your sales team, here are five reasons to help convince you:

Increased efficiency

It has been proven that productivity and efficiency amongst sales teams soar once mobile devices and apps are introduced. Sales reps are busy individuals, we all know this, but you must take into account that your clients’ days are just as demanding. The quicker your clients can see the information they need and make a decision, the more positively it reflects on you and your company.

With a mobile sales app, your clients don’t only see complete product and ordering information at the touch of a button, they can also place orders immediately (which is a real time-saver). Vital product and ordering information can also be disseminated quickly back and forth with the use of email and PDF product catalogues.

More natural client relationships

When using a mobile sales app to show clients products or implement orders, the client can be more hands-on than with a paper-based process. The client can scan through products on their own with the sales rep by their side (or through self-service) since apps tend to be more intuitively categorised than paper catalogues. They can see orders being placed in front of them and make adjustments according to their needs with immediate results. Involving the client in the process of choosing products and placing orders is the best way to create a sense of closeness and trust.

Information that is always current

Being able to always provide up-to-date information, even on short notice, shows professionalism. Correct product or client information certainly reduces the amount of errors that could possibly occur and helps sales reps to focus more on the customer’s needs. With traditional paper catalogues it is much more difficult and laborious to keep information updated.

Sell anywhere, any time

When you use mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones you become untethered from a stationary desk. As long as your devices are charged and up-to-date, you are able to sell no matter the location or the time. You might think, “What about Internet access?” With the offline capabilities and cloud storage options within mobile sales apps, your information is ready for you when you need it – it becomes an organised, intuitive and compact version of a traditional paper catalogue.

Easy access to data

A mobile sales app gathers data about orders, products and clients as you work with it. This data helps you to gain insight into what products are the most popular, what times of the year certain orders are most frequent and so on. Having up-to-date information about your clients help increase order efficiency and unveils the purchasing habits of your clients. This in turn helps you to suggest products that are more relevant and anticipate the client’s next move, which helps increase trust between client and sales rep.

If you want to mobile-enable your sales team without any hassle, a mobile sales app with a built-in electronic product catalogue. Order-taking is accessible anywhere, all of the latest information is synced as soon as it’s uploaded and, vital customer and ordering data is stored in the cloud for offline access.