Connecting a sales app with Xero Accounting to increase sales

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Businesses are always looking for ways to work better and get more done. The sales department, which brings in most of the company’s money, can really benefit from using technology well.

This blog talks about how using a sales app together with Xero Accounting software can make sales work better by automating tasks, speeding up the sales process, and improving how the team communicates.

Problems of Not Linking Sales and Accounting Systems

To understand why linking a sales app with Xero Accounting is good, first, we need to know what happens when they are not linked. When businesses don’t connect their sales app with accounting software like Xero, they face several issues. One big problem is that data can get mixed up or be incorrect.

For example, if staff have to enter sales information into Xero by hand, they might make mistakes like entering the same information twice or putting in the wrong numbers.

These errors make it hard to keep track of money correctly and can cause big issues during financial checks.

Also, not having linked systems can slow down the sales process. Each sale has to be entered by hand into the accounting system, which takes time and can cause delays.

This also means that staff spend time on data entry instead of making sales or talking to customers. Another issue with unlinked systems is that they can slow down communication.

For example, sales teams might not have quick access to important financial data, like how much stock is available. This can mean a sales rep either needs to confirm with the warehouse before every sale, slowing down the process, or they might sell an item that is out of stock, disappointing the customer and hurting the business’s reputation.

On the other hand, linked systems where the sales app and Xero work together allow for smooth and automatic sharing of information. This saves time and helps everyone in the company make better and faster decisions, keeping everything running smoothly.

How connecting a sales app with Xero improves sales processes

Making the Sales Process Faster

Linking a sales app with Xero can make the sales process faster. This integration helps with tasks like showing real-time stock levels and quickly sending out invoices.

For example, if a sales rep is talking to a customer, they can immediately check if a product is in stock. This is also possible if you connect your sales app or Xero to another stock control module.

Also, being able to send quotes directly from the app helps close sales faster. Customers like quick responses, and this can often make the difference in winning a sale.

Improving Communication Across Teams

Good communication is crucial for any business’s success. Connecting a sales app with Xero improves communication not just within the sales team, but across different departments. When teams like sales, accounting, and management have access to up-to-date financial data, they can make smarter decisions.

For example, as deals close, the accounting team can immediately see the updates, helping them plan finances better.

Automating routine tasks

One of the biggest benefits of linking a sales app with Xero is that it automates everyday tasks. For example, when a sale is made through the app, details like the customer’s information, items sold, and the price automatically get sent to Xero.

This cuts down on manual data entry and reduces the chance of mistakes, making sure the information is correct.

This automation helps the sales team save time on routine tasks, so they can spend more time talking to customers and making sales. It also makes their daily work easier because they don’t have to enter data by hand.

Reducing Operational Costs

Automation and better data management also lead to cost savings. By reducing the need for manual data entry and minimizing errors, businesses can save money on labor and avoid costly mistakes. This allows for more accurate financial planning and budgeting, ultimately improving the bottom line.

Benefits Beyond Sales: Enhancing Overall Business Operations

While improving sales processes is a significant benefit of integrating a sales app with Xero, the positive effects extend beyond just sales. This integration also enhances other areas of business operations, leading to overall efficiency and effectiveness.

Streamlined Financial Reporting

When sales and accounting systems are integrated, financial reporting becomes easier and more accurate. The automatic flow of information eliminates the need for manual data reconciliation, thereby reducing the time and effort required to prepare financial reports. This leads to more timely insights and better decision-making.

Building Better Customer Relationships with Smart Systems

Connecting a sales app with Xero helps not only with running the business but also with building better relationships with customers.

When you can see financial and sales details right away, it creates trust and openness between the company and its customers.

For example, sales reps can quickly look up a customer’s past purchases on their app. This lets them talk to the customer in a way that fits what the customer likes and needs. When you talk to customers in a personal way and use clear, accurate information, you can create stronger relationships with them.

Also, quicker billing means customers receive their invoices faster, which can help them pay sooner. Sending invoices quickly not only looks professional but also keeps the money flowing smoothly in the business, and that’s important for a company to do well.

Challenges and Considerations for Integration

While integrating a sales app with Xero brings numerous benefits, there are some challenges and considerations that businesses should be aware of to ensure a smooth transition.

Data Migration

Migrating existing data into a new integrated system can be complex and time-consuming. It’s essential to plan this process carefully and validate the data to avoid issues down the line. Proper training for staff involved in data migration is also crucial.

Training and Adoption

For the integration to be successful, all relevant employees must be trained on the new system. Proper training ensures that everyone understands how to use the integrated features effectively, leading to higher adoption rates and better utilization of the system.

Case Study: Onsight Sales App and Xero Integration

To show how connecting a sales app with Xero Accounting can really help, let’s look at a real example. Here’s a case study about Cosimer. This story will help you see the clear benefits like less manual work, better inventory management, and faster sales.

Cosimer is an Australian company that sells beauty products. Using the Onsight app together with Xero Accounting software has really helped their business. Remi Bouchenez, who manages Cosimer, shared some of the key benefits they’ve seen.

Before they connected the two systems, entering data by hand was a big problem. It slowed things down and sometimes led to mistakes. Now, because Onsight and Xero are connected, information is shared automatically between them. This saves time and reduces errors.

Their stock management has also improved. Sales reps can see up-to-date inventory levels on the Onsight app when they are with customers, so they always have the latest information.

Bouchenez also pointed out that their customer service has gotten better. Their sales team can quickly look up a customer’s past orders, making it easier to provide a personal touch. Plus, connecting the systems has made processing orders much quicker, which means customers don’t have to wait as long.

Overall, connecting their sales app with their accounting software has made Cosimer more efficient and improved how they serve their customers.

“Using Onsight with Xero made our ordering process simpler and more efficient. Our sales team can now manage transactions faster and more accurately,” -Remi Bouchenez, Managing Director at Cosimer.

This case study shows how Cosimer improved its efficiency and customer service by using integrated technological solutions.

To wrap it up

Connecting a sales app with Xero Accounting brings clear benefits by making key sales processes smoother. Automating data entry, speeding up the sales process, and improving communication across teams all help create a more productive sales environment. As technology keeps advancing, using sales apps together with accounting software like Xero is becoming more important for staying competitive and meeting the expectations of modern customers.

Integrating Onsight with Xero makes managing sales and accounts simpler. Your sales team will always know what’s in stock and be able to handle orders easily, while quickly updating your financial records in Xero with no extra manual data entry. See how this works for your business by signing up for a free trial; we’ll help you connect it with Xero!