Cost effective marketing techniques for small businesses

Posted in Marketing and social media.

Any small business owner knows the importance of marketing to increase the reach of their brand. However, with a small business comes the issue of budget as well. You cannot go ahead and buy a large segment of prime-time television to market your business to millions of people straight away. The budget is often limited and to make sure you get the most out of what you have, it is important that you act smart. Here are a few things that we believe will help you a lot in making the most out of your marketing.

Online reviews work great

One of the most trusted sources for customers nowadays to find out whether something is new or not is to see if anyone else has tried it. Therefore, getting good online reviews is extremely important for any small business. Whenever you serve a customer, be sure to ask them to leave you a review if they are happy with your services. Similarly, you can also ask your clients to spread a good word about you in their online circles and professional groups. A great way of finding about new businesses is Google search so having good reviews on Google can also boost your reputation a lot without costing you anything.

Ask for referrals

One of the best and oldest marketing techniques is word of mouth and referrals are simply a focused form of that. Getting your customers to refer you to other people is a great way to increase your customer base. This method also yields much higher percentages of conversions as potential customers are relying on a trustworthy source. However, not very few people would be willing to do that for free so having some sort of incentive can help you a lot. Even though trying to get a zero-dollar referral sounds enticing, having a little budget for bringing in more clients is always a good idea. Just be sure that you only ask happy customers for referrals and when you do get a lead, act on it before it gets cold.

Use social media marketing

Currently one of the most effective marketing platforms for a small businesses is social media. You get to reach a large audience at a fraction of the cost and the results can be pretty amazing! Even large businesses are investing heavily on social media platforms. You can easily find the audience you want to target using a range of demographic options like age, gender, interests, location, and so much more. There are multiple platforms that you can choose to work with. Two of the most famous at the moment is Facebook and Instagram, and they both come under the same umbrella. Given that these two platforms have the largest combined userbase, you can benefit a lot from marketing your services there. Campaigns start from as low as a few dollars a month to anywhere you want it to be. With a targeted audience and limited budget, this could be one of your best options for marketing your products to the world.