Sales rewards to boost end-of-year sales

Posted in Sales team management.

Sales rewards or incentives are oftentimes great motivators to boost end-of-year sales. It can also be a fun way to engage with your sales team and to boost end-of-year morale. Here’s some creative and fun sales reward ideas from the field:

On the spot sales rewards

In the countdown to the New Year and with the looming holiday season drawing near, sales reps can become distracted. Keep their eye on the prize by offering fun spot bonuses with a difference. Remember, sales rewards don’t have to be money, it can be a bottle of wine or a box of chocolate.

Giving back time

Another well-thought out sales reward is the gift of time. Instead of giving a physical or monetary reward to your high performing sales reps, incentivise them with a spontaneous day off midweek. This will allow busy sales reps to enjoy the lead up to the festive season too, especially those with families.

Business travel perks

Nothing motivates people like the thought of getting away, even if it is for business. Sales rewards with a business trip as motivator is a great incentive loved by sales teams. For example, whoever hits that week’s target gets to go on the next business trip or conference.

Fun and meaningful incentives

Other great sales rewards that will motivate your sales team in a fun and festive way include takeaway vouchers so tired reps don’t have to go home and still do the cooking. Other holiday season sales rewards ideas include movie vouchers or sports days out.

One for the team

Remember to reward not just the individual but the whole team. While individual sales rewards are great to motivate individuals, it’s important to get the whole team working as one. Make time, especially in the busy lead up to the holidays, to take the entire sales team out, perhaps for lunch or post work drinks. Alternatively, bring the fun back to the office and have takeaways delivered to perk up the sales team.