6 reasons to start using an ordering app

Posted in Electronic product catalogues.

The use of ordering software and apps can provide many benefits to sales reps, the company and customers alike. Here are six convincing reasons why you should take the leap towards using electronic ordering:

Reduces error rates

There are certain things that just get done better when there is a computer involved. One of these things is capturing information. Ordering software and ordering apps help sales reps to reduce or even eliminate errors when capturing an order.

Ordering software supplies pre-existing fields and information. When an order is ready to be placed all of the important information is readily available to be selected from a drop-down menu or list. This simple yet effective feature reduces the risk of incorrect information being entered or information being left out as well as remove spelling errors. Higher customer satisfaction rates and quicker order fulfilment are only two of the advantages to lessening errors through electronic ordering.

Creates a predictable and uniform workflow

In many instances an order goes through more than one pair of hands – from the initial negotiation with the client to the final shipping process.

The use of an ordering app creates a uniform process no matter how many people handle the order. The order will look the same from beginning to end as well as when compared to previous orders. This means the same information (like reference numbers, address formats, etc.) in the same structure is seen on every order.

A uniform process has the ability to eliminate potential errors and confusion. If, for example, a reference number is always in the correct format and in the same place on the order form, it is easier to recognise and process without the need to search every time. Without the uniformity that an ordering app brings, one sequence of numbers may be mistakenly seen as a reference number should it not be entered in the correct place.

Streamlines storage of client and sales information

Ordering software and apps store all information in the cloud from the moment products are selected to the moment an order is finalised. Ordering and shipping dates, addresses, preferred products, order sizes and so forth are all kept in one neat package for any authorised person to access at any point in time when needed.

Enables better decision-making

On an ordering app the data relating to orders is stored in one place and therefore easily accessible. These two features make it easier to recognise patterns in the ordering process that may be beneficial to making business and sales decisions.

Data regarding how many orders have been taken from a particular client in a specific time frame or what products are the most and least popular can all be accessed and analysed quickly and easily with the use of electronic ordering.

Improves time management

Delivering on time is always good business practice. An ordering software aids in speeding up the ordering process itself. An order can go from the client to the sales rep to shipping in a matter of minutes, all via the cloud. Sales reps no longer need to go back to the office to be able to fully complete an order.

Aside from speeding up ordering, an ordering app takes the administrative nightmare out of making changes to an existing order. One tap on a screen can make big and small changes instantly, and any person in need of the information is informed due to quick data syncing. The client won’t be kept waiting for their order and individuals don’t have to be notified one-by-one.

Saves money

There are two main ways that electronic ordering saves you money. Storage is one of them. The information stored in the cloud is near-infinite while physical documents may require the use of space and money that you don’t have. With the removal of paper-based ordering, physical storage is no longer necessary.

Quick updates are another money-saving feature of electronic ordering. With traditional paper ordering the slightest change may mean an entire document needs to be reprinted and redistributed to various parties. This is a waste of paper and ultimately money.

Ordering software, on the other hand, allows one to change a single piece of text or add a new product within minutes. All changes made are immediately distributed to everyone that needs it immediately without the need to print out multiple copies. Electronic ordering thus means you reduce or even eliminate paper wastage whilst saving money and the environment.

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